Taking out debt for a bond deposit is risky

First time home buyers often get caught by surprise when banks ask for a deposit in order to secure a home loan.

The ultimate 5-point checklist before buying a holiday home

Ever been on holiday and decided to buy a property? Apparently it happens, more often than you might think.

Renewing right of first refusal

Bruce Swain, CEO of Leapfrog Property Group, shares some advice in terms of rental contract renewals - with specific reference to 'right of first refusal'...

Buying a tenanted property

What happens if you find your ideal home, but the current owner has leased the property?

Know the true monthly cost of a townhouse before making an offer to...

Townhouse living is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young buyers who want to enjoy the freedom and extra security it gives them.

The questions you should ask yourself before buying a fixer-upper

Stumbling upon a diamond in the rough and transforming it into a show house is a common fantasy, especially among DIY enthusiasts and people who love older character homes, but there can be a stark contrast between the dream and the reality if you don’t have a clear understanding of what lies ahead – and what can go wrong.

How important is the stand on which a house is built?

According to Gerhard Kotzé, MD of the RealNet estate agency group, one might assume, taking location into account, that the bigger the stand, the more the buyer would pay for it, but that is actually not always the case.

Ten tips to ensure you remain creditworthy

Home loan applications are scored electronically before being assessed by an individual. Points are allocated based on the information provided and the applicant's credit record.

Buying property off-plan: the benefits and pitfalls

Buying off-plan is a cheaper way of investing in property, but there are a few drawbacks

Tips to downsize efficiently

Making a move from a large freestanding home to a smaller, lock-up-and-go unit in a retirement estate has several advantages for consumers entering their golden years...

Buying property with a family member, partner or friend? What to know

Joining forces with a member of your family or a friend could be a great way to get a foot on the property ladder. However, property is not a short term investment so before pooling your resources and heading out to view properties make sure you talk through the various aspects of property ownership very carefully.

Here's what you need to know about compliance certificates

Putting a home up for sale takes some preparation on the seller's part as they need to have all of their compliance certificates in order before taking the step of listing their home on the market.

Conveyancing attorneys - their role in a property transaction

The change of ownership of an immovable doesn't happen when the Offer to Purchase is signed, or even when the purchase price is paid to the seller. Rather, for ownership to change hands, the property needs to go through a registration process at the deeds office, where the home is transferred into the new owner's name - this process requires the services of conveyancing attorneys.

Your financial checklist before buying a home

Important questions to ask yourself before a major financial commitment.

How to move home like a pro

Moving house soon? Here are a few trusty tips to help you pack like a pro…

Five mistakes sellers make

After more than twenty five years in the industry, Bruce Swain, MD of Leapfrog Property Group, has noticed that sellers are prone to making one or more of five mistakes, which can result in their property stagnating on the market for months, and in cases forcing a lower sales price.

Five things first-time home buyers should know

Buying your own home can be a daunting prospect. Many of us have spent our lives renting, so when we decide to take the step up to owning property we often aren't quite as prepared as we should be.

New-build vs pre-owned houses in the Cape's southern suburbs

According to Sally Gracie, Chas Everitt International's area specialist in Constantia Upper, until recently there were two strongly opposing camps of buyers in Cape Town's leafy southern suburbs, but now they are moving closer together.

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8 Unusual & Simple Ways To Save & Reuse Water

We’re all aware of the traditional methods of saving water, fixings leaky faucets, taking shorter showers and watering our landscaping less, but there’s many other everyday ways we can reduce our usage of H2O. These will not only save money on your utility bill, they will also help to reduce our carbon footprint and be kinder to Mother Earth. Here are eight unusual, yet simple ways we can save and reuse water in our everyday lives:

5 Ways to Handle Stress

Managing stress doesn't mean simply avoiding or glossing over challenges. Here are five techniques you can use to deal with the pressures that come with a real estate career.

The Best Breakfast Spots in Cape Town

Rise and shine to the best breakfast restaurants in the city. Back in the ’70s, breakfast was a tasteless, compulsory business – a way for parents to get their children to eat the requisite nutrients for a day at school. Suffice to say, those days are long gone – breakfast has become a decidedly sexy affair, with couples, families and groups of friends heading to one of the Mother City’s chic eateries to break bread on weekend mornings. We’ve rounded up some of the best breakfast spots in Cape Town where you can enjoy the first meal of the day:


City warns beach users of inshore movement of sharks over the summer season

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